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Silhouette Venice Night light from Porcelain Garden
3 1/2 by 2"    rotating plug in  $25.00





Translucent night light made out of porcelain bisque appears almost
magically when lighted $22.00



Award winning Ballograph pens, made in Sweden, come with a life-time guarantee. They  offer an exceptionally smooth writing experience because of their design. The balls in the ballpoint pens are shaped like golf balls and therefore write more smoothly.   Cartridge Refills in stock $2.50.
Pens are pictured  from left to right:
Plastic barrels: $6.50
Plastic barrels  w/ gold trim: $8.95
Pocket pens: $9.95
Rondo  pens: $12.50
Rubber grip pens: $12.50
GOld finish pen: $18.50
Gift boxes: $2.10.




Authentic German nutcrackers from small cottage industries.





Lovely, colorful woven Swedish table runners.  They are
easy to care for-put in washer and lightly iron if necessary
36" for  $16.95.





Glogg-a Swedish drink to mix with apple
cider, wine or Vodka to be heated. 
Anna's ginger thins or Pepparkakor, and
Lingonberries-a favorite slightly tart very popular.






Red tulip fold-out mobile from Denmark   5 1/4 X 41/2






Danish paper-cut snowman mobile with fold-out tree
Dimensions are 5.75 X  5     $6.50






Mobile with white flowers with pear shaped ring that folds out
6"X4 3/4"     $8.50







Oval shaped Danish paper cut mobile with fold-out sunflowers
  8 1/4" X 6 1/4"   $9.50





Skyflight Butterfly Mobile

Intricately designed  die-cut butterflies on heavy art board. Approximately 20" tall by 30" wide. Includes 5 types of butterflies. Each butterfly varies in size, up to 8" wide. Butterfly wings unfold to create dimension. $32.95

 One of our best selling mobiles !!!!!!!!!!!






Skyflight Cat and Dog  mobiles-

These hand-screened mobiles are die-cut on heavy art board. Approximately 20" tall by 30" wide. Large and eye catching they are great for both children and adults. Rods are of stainless steel. Each mobile is packaged with an educational fact sheet. $32.95





Nativity with angels by Ted Naos. Another wonderfully designed card   $3.35






Star of Wonder card by Ted Naos  $3.35






Nativity Scene by Ted Naos  $3.35

 (Louie Award Winner)






Caspari Boxed Christmas






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